Healthy Eating Is Closer and Easier Than You Think!

For many of us, the mere thought of eating healthy can feel like a daunting and almost impossible feat. With all the fad diets and restrictive meal plans out there, it can be hard to know which one (if any) will work for you. But don’t let that stop you from embarking on a journey of eating – and living – healthier! 

Diet industry profiteers want you to think that healthy eating can only be achieved through their products and services. But eating healthy doesn’t have to take a lot of time or money and it doesn’t require fancy pre-made products, meals or monthly subscriptions. Healthy eating just takes consistency, commitment, understanding and forgiveness. Let’s dive into some tips for overcoming the challenges that come with making the switch to healthier eating habits.
Meal Prep Ahead of Time
One of the biggest barriers to healthy eating is simply not having enough time to plan your meals in advance. This often leads to last minute and rushed eating, which often means less whole foods and more premade convenience foods. To get around this, try meal prepping ahead of time. Set aside a few hours on the weekend (or whatever day works best for you) to batch cook a few days worth of food at once. This way, when you’re busy during the week, you don’t have to scramble for something fast and unhealthy – you already have nutritious meals ready to go! I always prepare some sheet pan vegetables, seasoned in olive oil, garlic, spices, herbs and a big salad that can be eaten as a full meal on its own, a filling snack or healthy side with a lean protein. And if cooking isn’t your thing, look into services like Hello Fresh or Blue Apron that deliver ingredients and recipes right to your door. 
Stay Informed
Another challenge people run into when trying to eat healthier is not knowing what foods are actually healthy (or unhealthy). The best way around this is by doing your own research and staying informed about nutrition facts and different diets. There are tons of great resources out there. Find some experts you admire and trust. Listen to their podcasts, read their books and follow them on social media. Being educated about how certain foods affect our bodies will help you make more informed decisions about what you choose to eat (and not eat). 
Think Outside The Box
Eating healthy doesn’t necessarily mean salads all day, every day. There are lots of creative ways you can make nutritious meals without sacrificing flavor or texture! Try exploring different cuisine options, like Indian, Thai, or Mediterranean-inspired dishes which often include a variety of vegetables as well as lean proteins like fish and chicken. Or experiment with vegan options like black bean burgers made from scratch or tempeh tacos topped with fresh veggies! Get creative in the kitchen – you may be surprised at how delicious (and easy) healthy eating can be!
Overcoming the challenge of switching over to healthier eating habits isn’t always easy but it certainly isn’t impossible either! By taking small consistent steps, like meal prepping ahead of time, staying informed about nutrition facts, and getting creative in the kitchen with different cuisines, anyone can make their way towards a more nutritious lifestyle without having to sacrifice taste or convenience. So don’t give up hope – start small and soon enough you’ll be reaping all of the benefits that come with healthier eating habits!
As always, reach out with questions! I’m here and always a resource available to you on your journey. 

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