The Life Changing Magic of a Morning Routine

We’ve all heard it before – the famous proverb “the early bird gets the worm.” But why is it that a morning routine seems to be so essential for success? There really is something magical about having a set of rituals and activities that you do on repeat each and every morning. It sets the tone and jumpstarts your day with intention, productivity, direction and clarity. Furthermore, when you feel the supportive benefits of a thoughtful morning routine, your experience becomes all the motivation you will need to continue. 

Let’s dive into why setting up a morning routine is so important for your wellbeing and success and how to make the most of your mornings.
The Benefits of Morning Routines
Having a morning routine helps get your body and mind in sync, allowing you to start off the day with focus and clarity. One major performance-enhancing benefit of establishing a solid morning routine is that you can check things off your list without having to use willpower, which saves energy for later in the day when it may be needed most. Additionally, starting the day with purposeful activities will help motivate you throughout the rest of your day by making sure that your goals are top-of-mind. Don’t know where to start? How about making your bed? Use habit stacking and stack it onto brushing your teeth, an existing habit that you don’t have to think about or put any effort towards (hopefully). 
Creating an Ideal Morning Routine
A great place to start when creating an ideal morning routine is to determine what works best for you as everyone is different! Maybe waking up earlier than usual or going for a run first thing in the morning works best for you. Begin by writing down 3-5 activities that can become part of your daily ritual. This could include drinking water, reading a book or journaling, stretching or exercising, packing lunch for work, taking time to meditate or journal, even hitting a quick infrared sauna…the possibilities are endless! Once you have identified what works best for you in terms of rituals and habits and established them as part of your daily practice, take some time each week to reflect on how well it’s working out and adjust accordingly if needed.
Implementing Self-Care Practices
Self-care should also be included in any successful morning routine as it encourages healthy habits like eating nutritious meals, getting enough sleep each night (7+ hours!), drinking lots of water throughout the day, exercising regularly…you get the idea. Taking care of yourself physically will help ensure that when life throws curveballs at you during the day (which inevitably happens), you have more energy reserves available to tackle them head on. Additionally self-care practices can include things like writing down 3 positive affirmations each morning or engaging in positive self-talk throughout the day as needed. These small but mighty tools can go a long way towards helping us stay focused and motivated during our days!
Overall, having a solid morning routine can drastically improve both productivity levels and quality of life by setting up healthy habits from which we can draw upon throughout our days. By implementing regular self-care practices into our daily routines we will be better equipped mentally & physically to tackle whatever life throws our way! So what are you waiting for? Create your own magical morning today!
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