I work with individuals who want a fuller, more 3-dimensional approach to diet, lifestyle and nutrition. With great care and intention, I create and hold safe space for us to explore everything from your relationship with food to your unhappiness at work to your most destructive thought patterns and so on. We focus on your unique pain points and use your experience to guide our attention and exploration.

In addition to crafting personalized meal, exercise, ritual and meditation plans, I prescribe powerful self-inquiry exercises and prompts to encourage a greater sense of self-awareness, self-discipline, self-mastery and self-love. We dive deep into the power of mindset, energy and nervous system regulation. Together, we build internal and external support systems and coping skills to elevate you in all areas of your life; not just with food and your body.

In addition to over a decade of my own personal experience, observation and self-study, I have a Masters Degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from NYU; I am a certified Health Coach through IIN; an expert in Behavior Change through NASM; a certified raw vegan chef; and have been studying and teaching Yoga for over 10 years. I’m excited you found me and happy to be here with you. This is just the beginning and it’s going to get so much better! I promise you that x