My name is Molly and for as long as I can remember, I have always loved food. Like many people today, what I didn’t know was how to eat in ways that made me feel good. I went through a steady period growing up where most of my meals were followed by a debilitating stomach ache. I naively assumed this was normal. I then grew up to prioritize thinness over everything and my eating patterns morphed even more out of whack.

But after years of quietly struggling, countless certifications, trainings and a masters degree in Nutrition and Food Studies from NYU, I feel as if I’ve finally cracked the code! Ironically, it all became clear to me one morning in meditation. After years of suffering, I realized that I wasn’t the problem and food wasn’t the problem. My “problem” was tightly wound up in my relationship with food.

With a deep breath, I felt as if a huge weight was instantly lifted. Finally, something I could explore, understand and thoughtfully tend to! It wasn’t a diet to try and give up on, and it wasn’t never eating pizza again (kill me). It was a new awareness of and respect for self that was uniquely mine. From the bottom of my heart, this process changed my entire life and I am confident that it will change your life, too!