What if I told you that it’s not even about achieving your goals. Instead, it’s about becoming the person along the way – so it really is the journey; not the destination we’re after – thats why so many people are unhappy when they meet their goals.

The HUMBL philosophy approaches food and nutrition from the lens of mindfulness. My goal is empower you with the necessary knowledge, awareness and skills so that you can live out your very own diet and lifestyle plan. To do this, I will challenge you to sit with yourself, understand your core food memories and current perceptions about food, diet and weight loss.

Then, together, we will adapt accordingly and create a personalized plan that works for you! We will support you through this whole process as you fundamentally rewire your thoughts and habits to be aligned with your highest values of worthiness and potential. When you win, we win! So our main goal and intention is to guide you towards the best version of yourself – from the inside out!