Mushroom, Ghee and Sage Pasta

20 Minutes

super easy


If you’re looking to switch up your pasta game, try out this Mushroom, Ghee and Sage Pasta recipe. The earthiness of the mushrooms pairs perfectly with the savory flavor of ghee, and the addition of sage brings a fragrant and herbaceous element to the dish. Plus, it’s simple and quick to make, perfect for those busy weeknights when you want something delicious but don’t have a lot of time. Give it a try and impress your taste buds with this flavorful take on a classic pasta dish. 

Let’s talk about three of my favorite ingredients: mushroom, ghee, and sage. These three kitchen staples not only add depth of flavor to any dish, but they also have some pretty impressive health benefits. First up, mushrooms are a nutrient powerhouse containing essential nutrients like vitamin D, potassium, and antioxidants. Ghee, on the other hand, is a type of clarified butter that is believed to promote healing, improve digestion, and boost the immune system. Lastly, sage is known for its anti-inflammatory properties, aiding in digestion, and improving brain function. So next time you’re in the kitchen, don’t forget to reach for these magical ingredients to not only add some deliciousness to your cooking but also keep your health in check. Mushroom Ghee Sage Pasta is the key!

Why You’ll Love It 

The earthiness of the mushrooms combined with the nutty flavor of the ghee and the fragrant aroma of the sage is simply divine. But not only does it taste heavenly, it’s also packed with plenty of health benefits.

Mushrooms are great for preventing chronic diseases, while ghee is known to improve digestion and boost the immune system. And let’s not forget about sage, which is rich in antioxidants and has been used as a natural remedy for centuries.

Recipe Cost Breakdown

      1 packet whole wheat linguini pasta: $2.38

      2 tsp coconut oil: $0.01

      About 12 mushrooms (your choice): $1.55

      2 tbsp ghee: $0.53

      12 fresh leaves of sage: $1.3

      Total Cost: $5.77

What You’ll Need

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Adjust Servings
1 packet whole wheat linguini pasta
2 tsp coconut oil
About 12 mushrooms (your choice)
2 tbsp ghee
12 fresh leaves of sage
Pink himalayan salt and pepper, to tase

Nutritional Information

594 Calories
41 g Total Fat
8 g Fiber
50 g Net Carbs
5 g Sugar
13 g Protein
2091 mg Sodium



Prepare pasta according to package directions.
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Heat coconut oil in a pan over medium heat. Add mushrooms and cook until brown, then flip.
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Add ghee and sage.
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Plate pasta and top with ghee, mushroom, and sage.
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Take a deep breath. Return to grace. Enjoy!
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