Mint Chip Smoothie

5 Minutes

super easy


Refreshing, indulgent and healthy, too! My mint chocolate chip smoothie will nourish your body and celebrate the memory of cold ice cream on a hot summer day! 

Looking for a delicious way to power up your day? Try this mint chocolate chip protein smoothie! A simple and delightful treat, it’s packed with all the essential nutrients your body needs to stay happy and healthy. It’s easy to make and perfect for when you need an afternoon pick-me-up or post-workout snack. The freshness of the mint combined with the luscious texture of the avocado makes this smoothie a sweet treat that is both nutritious and filling. 

Blend almond milk, ice, frozen zucchini, avocado, handful of fresh mint, 2 datesvanilla protein powder and filtered water. Then, transfer to a mason jar, top with cacao nibs and a sprig of fresh mint. It’s so good for you and tastes great, too! Healthy fat, fiber, protein, hydrating and full of nutritious vitamins and minerals, this mint chip smoothie is a perfect pick me up at any time of day. Plus, if you’re looking to increase your protein intake, supplementing with powder is a great and easy way to increase your daily intake without too much extra effort. 

Why You’ll Love It

Not only is it filling, but it’s also healthy, providing you with a good dose of vitamins and minerals.

Mint contains antioxidants and can help with digestion, while the protein in the smoothie will keep you feeling full and energized.

It’s also a healthier alternative to a traditional milkshake

Nutritional Value
Effort / ROI
Recipe Cost Breakdown

      ½ cup almond milk, or plant-based milk of choice: $0.91

      ½ frozen zucchini: $0.57

      2 pitted dates: $0.88

      Handful of fresh mint leaves, or peppermint extract: $2.68

      ½ avocado: $1.25

      1 scoop vanilla plant based protein powder: $2.24

      1 tsp cacao nibs:  $0.13

      Total Cost: $8.66

What You’ll Need

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Adjust Servings
½ cup almond milk, or plant-based milk of choice
½ cup ice
½ frozen zucchini
½ avocado
Handful of fresh mint leaves, or peppermint extract
2 pitted dates
½ cup filtered water
1 scoop vanilla plant based protein powder
For the toppings
1 tsp cacao nibs, to top
Fresh mint, to top

Nutritional Information

314 Calories
15 g Total Fat
339 mg Sodium
31 g Total Carbs
9 g Fiber
16 g Sugar
19 g Protein



Add all ingredients to a high speed blender and blend for 1 minute until completely smooth, adding more liquid if you would like a thinner consistency. Top with cacao nibs and more fresh mint.
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Enjoy immediately.
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