I started feeling like I was developing an unhealthy relationship with food but I wasn't really sure what it meant, and yet it felt like a really silly thing to talk about with other people. I felt so relieved after talking with Molly; she made me feel so understood and validated. Molly gave me simple, achievable, and concrete suggestions that I've started using everyday and have made me feel so empowered. Molly is the food therapist we all need!

Lauren, 30 yrs

Working with Molly has been so impactful. Her approach is thoughtful and empathetic to the challenges of life and nutrition. She teaches the practice of balance and deconstructs societal diet fads, which sets you free! The work I have done with Molly has significantly healed my relationship with food and my interpersonal relationships! She provides a listening ear, empowering nutritional guidance, and awesome homework assignments. Everything changes when you honor your body and nourish yourself from the inside out.

Lacey, 28 yrs

I have been working with Molly for over 3 years and she has truly changed my life in more ways than one. She goes above and beyond to make her clients feel supported, seen, and heard. I cherish the wisdom and tools she has given me to make each day better than the next. Her work ethic is structured and extremely resourceful. When it comes to my own personal goals, Molly uses her multiple degrees and vast network of teachers and creators to cultivate the best opportunities that speak to what I am working on.

Charlotte, 29 yrs