Spirulina Blue Balls

20 Minutes

super easy


Now, here me out. Blue balls might sound like a really weird name for this recipe because of the bad rep and all BUT the other name I came up with was Spirulina Snowballs and honestly, that just doesn’t sound as fun. Plus, you’re actually going to want these blue balls; I promise. I made this recipe late yesterday afternoon and by the time I was ready to photograph it, I’d lost the natural light.

This happens sometimes when you have ADHD and try to do 12 things at once. I did, however, have to try the product and suffice to say, I couldn’t stop at just 1. By the next day, I’d eaten so many Blue Balls (lmao) that I actually had to make the recipe again so I had enough to photograph. True story. So, mark my words (and my lips) you’re gonna wanna double this recipe from the get go.

Why You’ll Love It 

Nutritious and Healthy 

Sure, these balls are incredibly sweet vis a vis the dates, maple syrup and coconut flakes (drool), but remember: not all sugar is equal. Plus, this sugar comes from natural whole foods with minimal processing so it honestly is like apples and oranges. As a whole, this recipe also offers important health-promoting nutrients, minerals, vitamins, healthy fats and of course, everyone’s favorite macronutrient right now (drum roll please): protein! The star of the show, however, as you can probably guess by the vibrant blue hue, is the Blue Majik powder.

Blue Majik is a bioavailable derivative of Spirulina, which has been shown to help support antioxidant and cellular protection; aid in healthy inflammation responses after exercise; support healthy joints and flexibility; as well as help promote increased energy, vitality and endurance. The company linked above also offers an impressive money back guarantee if you don’t “feel the difference,” so you have absolutely nothing to lose.

Versatile and Customizable 

The coconut butter gives this an especially creamy and coconut-y taste, which is really nice but you can always substitute for a different nut butter depending on what you prefer or have on hand. Instead of maple syrup, you can use honey, agave or stevia but for the latter, you’ll have to play around with amount because I haven’t tried it personally. You can also use any kind of nut or oat flour and if you want to add in anything like hemp seeds, chia seeds or even mini chocolate chips, live your mf dream.

Easy, Quick and Convenient 

Having just made this recipe twice in the last 24 hours, I can tell you with clear conviction that it is one of the easiest recipes on my website. Just measure, blend and roll into little balls. All you need is a food processor and a spoon et viola!

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Adjust Servings
¾ cup unsweetened coconut flakes
¼ cup almond flour
2 servings vanilla protein powder
6-7 organic Medjool dates, pitted and soaked
2 tsp Blue Magic spirulina powder
3 tbsp coconut butter
3 tbsp maple syrup
1 tbsp coconut oil
Pinch of salt

Nutritional Information

207 Calories
11g Total Fat
24g Sodium
24g Total Carbs
5g Fiber
18g Sugar
8g Protein



Remove the pits from dates and soak in filtered water for 30 minutes.
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Drain dates, then add all ingredients into a food processor. Blend until smooth and thoroughly combined.
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Using a trigger release scoop or spoon, evenly separate mixture into small balls and set aside. Roll the balls in more unsweetened coconut flakes and transfer to the fridge to set for at least 1 - 2 hours.
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Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator for up to 7 days.
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